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 Mrs Julie Cattle  Headteacher Co-ordinator for:  English, History, Geography, Assessment, Special Educational Needs and Disability, Gifted and Talented, Child Protection and Safeguarding. 
 Miss Kimberley Peacock  KS1 Teacher

Co-ordinator for: English (KS1) and Phonics, Art & Design, Music, Religious Education, Early Years.  Child Protection (Deputy).

 Mrs Naomi Trueman  KS2 Teacher  Co-ordinator for:  Mathematics, Physical  Education, Design Technology and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)  Computing
Mrs Pamela Turner  HLTA Co-ordinator for Personal, Social and Health  Education, Early Years (Deputy)
Supply Service Provided  Teaching Assistant




Mrs Julia Bugg  Admin & Finance Officer
Mrs Delia Goldfinkle  Senior Lunchtime Supervisor & Caretaker
Mr Jim Mulherin  Lunchtime Server/Driver
Mrs Lesley Hopkinson  Breakfast Club/After School Club - Playworker




 Ms Bronwyn Ozanne  Educational Psychologist
 Ms Jan Vogel  Behavioural Support Team
 Ms Sherina St Clare/Mr Marcus Brown  SEN Consultant
 Mr Robert Elliott  Schools Music Service - Woodwind tuition & Ukulele
 Mrs Michelle Greenwood  School Nurse
 Mrs Anne Fitzpatrick  Sports Development Officer
 Ms Sam Lawson  Education Welfare Officer
 Paul Regan  Sports Coach