Year 2

 Work to be undertaken during the closure of the school:

Optional: My Activity Book

Every morning, at 9 am, Joe Wicks will be leading a free live PE lesson for all children via his YouTube channel, The Body Coach. This would be a brilliant way to start each day. I think Fluffington will be taking part. It would be great to hear how many of you have done the same.

Week 1 - 23 March 2020:

Home Learning List

  • IXL Counting and number patterns.
  • Read a book every day and complete one of the reading comprehensions tasks.
  • Write a page for your diary.
  • Try some of the Twinkl activities.

Week 2 - 30 March 2020:

  • Practice these spellings each day and use in sentences: wishful, painful, careful, careless, homeless, fearless, agreement, department and enjoyment.
  • Go on Lexia each day if possible.
  • Use Phonics Play to practice phonics. (Type Phonics Play into google and you should be able to use it for free now)
  • Complete a reading comprehension.
  • Write about the story of Easter in your English books.
  • Write an acrostic either using the word Easter or words associated with it. Can you challenge yourself and make it rhyme?
  • Continue completing test papers and IXL task set.
  • Use Purple Mash game A - fish -metic level 3 to develop multiplication skills.
  • Use Purple Mash Art to create an Easter egg.
  • For Science can you find out what humans need to eat to stay healthy and fit. What are the different food groups and which should we eat the most from? Present your information in your orange book.
  • Remember to exercise each day, read a book and continue your twinkl activities.

Week 3 - 20 April 2020: