Home Learning

Our 'Remote Learning Outline: Information for Parents' can be accessed via this link.

During periods of closure, the teaching staff will upload work into the Year group pages selected from the Home Learning menu tab for your child(ren) to undertake.  Simply scroll down until you find the item you wish to undertake and access it by clicking on the the item required and then saving it to your own device for printing.

Take a look at new online learning resources for teachers and families

Follow this link to the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Maths (NCETM) support for parents - it's excellent - with videos and resources to use at home:

The following provide superb video lessons and educational resources:

We've been offered access to some great free software from our suppliers so if you would like to have a look at this too, this links are given below: 



This link to 'The Week Junior' will help your child keep up to date with the latest news in a child-friendly way: https://www.theweekjuniorschools.co.uk/

For parents with children under 5 years old see hungrylittleminds.campaign.gov.uk.


Additional guidance on remote learning and safeguarding

The latest safeguarding guidance from the DfE suggests how to approach reporting concerns, communicating with parents and pupils, virtual lessons and live streaming, providing pastoral care, and personal data and the GDPR. (There are no new requirements.)

Staying Safe Whilst Learning at Home

Please have a look at the help sheet below for information on how to be safe and access a website with activities for you to do by following the link:


Where can I go to get support to help keep my child safe online?