The pupils from Year 6 attended a special service by Archbishop Sentamu, at Beverley Minster on Monday July 1st, accompanied by Mrs Cattle and Mrs Vandepeear. They took part in a range of activities to encourage them to think about their hopes for the future as they move on during this important transition period. The roof was raised by some wonderful singing, with the Archbishop himself playing the backing instruments!

What a fabulous experience class 2 had when we visited Tophill Low Nature Reserve. Margaret led the fascinating workshops and helped us discover numerous species in different habitats. Whilst pond-dipping, we used nets and magnifiers to marvel at the wide variety of water creatures. By following scientific identification charts, we were able to name almost everything we caught. Back in the classroom, we had lunch before setting off on a woodland walk; who knew there were so many different shades of green to observe. After some tree identification, bark rubbing and seed gathering we were delighted by the appearance of a grass snake... it didn't stay around for long! This beautiful site, right on our doorstep, is well worth further exploration.

Easter is one of the most important times in the Christian calendar. Watch the video below for a poignant reminder of the true meaning of this celebration of faith.

Lockington Primary School took part in a beautiful service at St Mary's Church led by Rev. Lumley. The weather allowed us to conduct the worship both outside and inside the church as the story of Easter was told by pupils through spoken word, action and song.

Following Class 2's visit to Tunstall Healthcare last term, teams of budding entrepreneurs have been busy designing a new project aimed to help those with individual needs live safely in their own homes for longer. We invited Mr Honeysett and Mr Avery into school to be presented with our ideas. In a 'Dragon's Den' style session, each team delivered their 'pitch' to see if their design would interest our experts. Keep checking our class page to find out which team was victorious. The winning design will be announced at the Achievement Assembly on the last day of term.

Our topic, 'Romans in Britain' came to a creative conclusion as we investigated the impact that this empire had on our country. The legacy of the Romans included many marvelous feats of engineering such as central heating, public baths and toilets. However, the striking structures of ancient aqueducts gave us the perfect opportunity for some home-school learning. Our project was to design and make an aqueduct to carry approximately 50 ml of water a distance of 30 cm, 15 cm from the ground. The choice of building materials ranged from Lego to wood to card to plastic. Each was unique but had one wonderful aspect in common, a valued partnership between parents, grandparents and pupils. Thank you for your continued support.

What a fabulous World Book Day we had at Lockington. So many children enjoying the stories, illustrations and lives of some of our most influential authors. Look at the range of costumes and characters represented.

Class 2 have been thoroughly enjoying using the school gym equipment. Balance, agility and weight transfer have all been major factors in perfecting our routines.

What fabulous weather we enjoyed during the our two days learning 'Bikeability' skills. The pupils of Y5 and 6 worked hard to master practical safety manoeuvres  and answer theory based questions. 

Class 2 pupils are thoroughly enjoying their PE unit on 'Step Aerobics'. We have one fitness step (thank you, Mrs Turner) but the mats are great to use as a focus for our feet. Some pupils have advanced to fitness instructor level to give Mrs Trueman a break. The use of our fitness trackers, from the SSP, are allowing us to set personal challenge and record our steps each week. 

The RSPB Birdwatch took place on January 25th. Class 2 spent an hour observing and recording the different types of birds we saw in the school grounds. It was lovely to see the many varieties of small garden birds that visited the pond area, using the bird feeders. Particularly, we were excited to see two robins hopping around together as they are usually lone birds, fiercely territorial. Our collected data was sent to contribute to the national survey.

What an amazing day Y5 and 6 pupils spent at Tunstall Healthcare on Thursday 29th November. The visit, organised by Mr Honeysett, allowed us to discover the innovative designs and products made to give people longer independence in their own homes. We were fascinated by the advances in technology and the inspirational ideas which help our older citizens or those with specific needs. A tour around the factory enabled us to see the full manufacturing process which relies both on robots and humans.

Our next task, as young engineers, is to design our own product of the future... watch this space!

Thank you Mr Honeysett and the two Kevins for a brilliant experience.

Class 2 pupils have worked incredibly hard on their Enterprise Project for the Christmas Fair. It gave everyone the opportunity to decide upon product design, appropriate resource management, pricing, costing, quality control and marketing. Calculating profit margins allowed us to really appreciate the value of items and we will decide, as a class, how this new budget will be best spent. Our stall made £139... Happy Christmas!

Year 6 parents may view the PowerPoint presented at the recent SATs meeting held on Tuesday 27th November by clicking on the document below. Please pay particular attention to the date of the tests, week beginning 13th May 2019. The final page of the PowerPoint has some very useful, free Internet resources which help to make revising fun!

The children from Years 5 and 6 enjoyed an exciting day of discovery at Hull Collegiate last week as they took part in the annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) day.

As always, the pupils were an absolute credit to Lockington as they were repeatedly complimented on their manners, interest and enthusiasm. 

We learnt about the opportunities for girls in engineering (and our girls are VERY keen), the mechanics of flight, the electronics involved in circuits and had a fascinating look at real dinosaur bones! Many thanks to all the companies and STEM volunteers who made this an amazing insight into the world of high industry. 

We are immensely proud of George and William who spent much of their summer working on their Lifestyle project as team 'Lund Lifestyle Turbo Twins'. The boys raised a staggering £850 for Cancer Research UK and Yorkshire Air Ambulance by clearing gardens, stacking logs and organising fundraising events. their efforts were recognised at a presentation at Hull's City Hall where they received a prize of a celebratory track day. A brilliant achievement, boys.

Stunning shadufs created by class 2 as homework during our Ancient Egyptian topic. Once again, the ingenuity and variety are staggering. Well done to all who helped. 

'We will Remember Them.'

Class 2 pupils have shown maturity, respect and compassion in studying the Remembrance Day centenary this week. 

Whilst discussing recent documentaries aired on television, I was encouraged by their interest and found that many had watched the programmes at home and had insight from the conversations taking place with parents and grandparents.

Together we viewed images of our brave men and women as they faced the terrible conditions when serving and caring for soldiers in the trenches of World War 1. The children worked as a class in devising phrases to verbalise their thoughts. These were then used to create the following poignant kennings poem.

'Hands on History' certainly brought our amazing Ancient Egyptians history topic to life. Class 2 is fascinated by this era and, in particular, everyone has been engrossed in the process of mummification. 

At the Hull and East Riding Museum, we were able to walk back in time through different periods in history to allow us to see how the Egyptians fit into the development of the world and its people.

The workshops at the Hands on History museum then allowed us to investigate the wonders of this ancient civilization in depth. We handled replica artifacts to determine their uses and value to the people of ancient Egypt, becoming Egyptologists ourselves, just like Howard Carter! We then met a real mummy in a darkened room which was a true highlight of the visit. To further understand the process of mummification, we performed our own ritual on a very willing 'victim'... Isobel!

Thank you to the wonderful 'Friends of Lockington School' for helping to make this visit possible. We had the most spectacular time!

Our 'Forces' topic has got off to an uplifting start! We went outside to investigate the affects of air-resistance by predicting how different sized 'shields' would have an impact on our speed and ease of running. The results of this practical experiment then allowed us to develop various designs for parachutes which we thoroughly enjoying testing out. William made an amazing canopy which impressed us all.

Using a newton meter enabled us to investigate the link between measuring mass and weight. We learnt that aobject with a mass of 1 kilogram would weigh approximately 10 newtons on Earth. 

Everyone had a fabulous first night and we even had to wake a few rooms up this morning!

After a super cooked breakfast, we have been raft building and braved the giant swing. We are having the best time ever and our team work and friendships are impressively strong.

We have safely arrived at a very sunny Caythorpe with excited children!

So far we have enjoyed the team challenge and archery. After refueling at dinner (they all ate up well) our current activity is an extremely energetic orienteering challenge....Oh, they'll sleep tonight!

Come on let's crawl.... to the ugly bug hotel! Class 2 spent their half term break building the most magnificent mansions for minibeasts. Mrs Turner was very impressed with the effort, care and variety of materials to entice our valuable invertebrates into our gardens. It will be a tough decision, but two of these lucky pupils will join her at this year's Driffield Show to enter the primary school competition. Well done to all who took part.

At Driffield Showground, years 5 and 6 spent a fabulous day learning about local agriculture and the services provided in our community. We met some very interesting characters and animals! Activities included sheep shearing, milking, grain sorting, road safety, recycling and even sausage tasting!

What an amazing term we had learning with Miss Millar! She has been an inspiration and we wish her all the luck in the world as she begins her new chapter as a real teacher! These are just some of the experiences we shared: World Book Day, making dream catchers and DT projects with moving rainforest creatures. 

During the February half term break, Class 2 were busy working with siblings, parents and grandparents constructing their own Mayan stepped pyramids. How original and unique each one is. The talent, enthusiasm and imagination of our pupils and carers never fails to impress us here at Lockington. Look at the wonderful range of models made from cardboard, wood, play dough, Lego, cushion foam (she did ask first I believe!) and even sugar cubes!

Our Mayan topic was brought to life when we went on an amazing visit to York's Chocolate Story. This mouth-watering journey took us back in time to discover how the Mayan Civilisation made the very first chocolate drink from their precious cocoa beans. We then travelled through centuries and decades to find out how the entrepreneurs of York became some of the finest chocolatiers in the world. The visit took a tasty turn when we became professional confectionery tasters and made our own chocolate lollies. In the afternoon, we once again immersed ourselves in Mayan culture as we ground cocoa beans, followed an ancient recipe and prepared a chocolate drink of our own. A fabulous time was had by all!

Years 3 and 4 are busy studying teeth and the digestive system so it was with great excitement that we were able to learn more about the importance of oral health from Mrs Quarmby, our 'expert in residence!' Together, we looked at the structure of our teeth, the functions of different parts of our mouths and how to take greater care to ensure we keep our smiles beautiful and healthy. This visit helped us with the theory needed for our scientific enquiry later that day.

All the pupils from years 3 and 4 participated in Junior Pedestrian Skills training this week. Julie, from East Riding Council, delivered a presentation to everyone and then took small groups outside to put their safety skills into practice. Everyone completed the programme and was awarded with a certificate, information pack and a reflective keyring.

In January, we were delighted to welcome Mrs Holland into Class 2. She brought in artefacts to help us understand what life was like in World War 1. It was a session full of discussion, investigation and active learning. Historical evidence comes in many forms but we all agreed that the learning we take part in physically and practically, has the most lasting effect. Thank you Mrs Holland.

Cross-curricular links have found us investigating perimeter and area through the design of Mayan pyramids. We looked for patterns and worked both practically and on paper.

Class 2 are very excited about starting a brand new topic; The Mayan Civilization. It is a brilliant learning experience for both pupils and adults as we are finding out new information and knowledge together! To set the scene we played some active games to find the 7 countries of Central America and then try and fit them in the continent outline. Eventually, with shared learning and peer discussion, we managed to name these countries. Can you test us to see if we remember them all?

After a very long and busy term, we are all ready for Christmas. No-one can set the excitement more than Daisy, who wrote all about her expectations in this super piece of independent homework. Her use of such a wonderful range of fronted adverbials has not gone unmissed! Read her lovely work to put you in the festive spirit and 'Merry Christmas' from all of us in Class 2!

Years 3 and 4 have been studying the Ted Hughes novel, The Iron Man. It is an amazing book full of vivid description including many similes and metaphors. At one point, we made our own versions of the story come to life through the written word. Oliver enthralled us with his tale which cleverly referred back to previous story lines and played on our emotions. Stunning work Oliver!

With great excitement and a little nervousness, we took to the stage at City Hall for the Longcroft Showcase. It was very fitting that we performed in the country's City of Culture. Our dance celebrated the joys of being young, healthy and happy. Eleanor and Alex, from Longcroft School, helped us with a routine which incorporated The Jackson 5, Matilda the Musical and One Direction. Bravely, Lydia and William introduced the school and the music started; it was high energy and immense fun. Three of our pupils also took to the stage to lead the way in the finale with their wonderful singing and dancing.

We welcomed Karen Wagg from East Riding's Recycling team. She shared her vast knowledge of all the ways in which we can help our county reach its recycling targets. We learnt about the brilliant ways in which our hard working council uses the waste we recycle in our brown and green bins.

In order to create some products for our Enterprise Project, Karen showed us how to reuse left over wallpaper to make gift bags. We even attempted making place mats from old carrier bags which was very tricky! Thank you Karen for the fun and informative visit.

(It really was an exciting activity and the process was not that scary, Daisy!)

As part of our topic work on 'Global Awareness and Recycling', we visited Tesco in Beverley on 14th November.                           Mr David Ryley, Community Champion & Farm to Fork Trail Guide, took us on an exciting journey around the store. We saw exactly how much recycling Tesco is proud to partake in, learnt about sustainable food production and found lots of products which were 'Fairtrade' or ' Rainforest Alliance' certified. Finally we were treated to a feast of fruit and cheese to decide on the products we preferred...all of them! 

On Monday 6th November, class 2 welcomed registrars Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Green from East Riding Council into school. They helped us to discuss and explain British values and we realised that they are reflected in our own school values. We celebrated the area in which we live, solving clues to reveal beautiful landmarks and amazing heritage. Finally we learnt what a Citizenship Ceremony entails. Dalton and Lydia then conducted a mock ceremony and we all sang, 'God Save the Queen'.

How wonderful when exciting curriculum activities are followed up by pupils out of the school environment!

It was brilliant to hear that Ava and Heidi had visited Dinorwig Power Station with their Dad at half term. They were absolutely buzzing with their experience and kindly brought in a DVD of this astounding hydro electric power station which enthralled the other children and enhanced our current learning. Thank you!

Our 'Electricity' topic has almost come to an end. We have learnt about safety, circuits, components and how to use scientific symbols. To complete our work and show our understanding, we investigated, designed and made electrical games. These were based on quiz games or tests of skill, and used bulbs, buzzers and even motors. We thoroughly enjoyed explaining our games to each other and then playing and evaluating them.

We improved our French accents today by playing Kim's Games with items found in a pencil case. Now we know how to change from 'a' to 'the' using the appropriate indefinite article..."Ooooh La La!!!"

On Tuesday 26th September, class 2 had a superb visit to Drax Power Station. We are learning about electricity in science and our environmental topic is making us question our earth's resources and how we can take steps to reduce waste. This was an amazing insight into the production of electricity in a power station which has changed from using predominantly coal as an energy source, to biomass for at least half of its fuel consumption.

Through an interactive model built by the pupils, we were able to understand the stages necessary in the production of electricity for our homes. We managed to light up the city!

Then, kitted out it full safety gear, we toured some of the plant, seeing first-hand how our energy is produced. 

Getting out into the real world and experiencing such diverse environments really brings our curriculum to life.

In PSHCE, we worked together to see all the different ways we connect as a class. We have so much in common which is why we are such a great team!

When starting our new science topic on 'Electricity' in years 3 and 4, we first had fun investigating! 

What made these games work? Did they move? Was there a noise? Where did the power come from?

We will use this knowledge to make our own games using circuits later on in the term.

Our 'Vikings in Britain' topic came to an exciting conclusion with a fabulous activity day. Following research into traditional recipes, we made authentic Viking bread and 'mead'for our very own Viking banquet. Shields were designed, painted and used to adorn our dragon ship. We also learnt a poem which we recited to parents on the last day of term.  

Ship Ahoy! Class 2 made a huge effort with this homework project to design and build a Viking longship. In many cases, all the family were involved and the materials varied immensely. There were ships mage of wood, cardboard, plastic, Lego....and even a marrow!

Mrs Singh came in to teach us all about Hinduism on our Cultural Awareness Day.

We acted out the story of Rama and Sita, dressed in traditional costumes and learnt a dance.

Weaving was a wonderful experience when we worked with a talented parent!

We designed and created our own tartan fabric after exploring textiles on the internet and using a simulation programme.

Class 2

Class 2 had an amazing afternoon of wonderful weaving when one of our talented parents shared her expertise with us. As part of our topic on Anglo-Saxons and Celts, we have been researching and designing tartan using our art skills and computer generated processes. We have then been able to transfer out designs onto individual looms; choosing weft and warp colours to begin our own creations. Watch this space for our finished fabric!


In January, Class 2 had a spectacular visit to the Yorkshire Museum to find out about the Anglo- Saxons and their impact on British history.

We met an Anglo-Saxon, called Oshere, who allowed us to examine many fascinating artefacts. To keep these precious items safe from damage and grease, we wore special white gloves.

Along with our very own guest historians, Mr Rodmell and Mr Vernon, we were able to try our hands at some Anglo-Saxon crafts and activities; weaving, braiding, silver work, ink and quill practice and original games.

Our experience was completed with a whistle stop tour of the museum which charters the history of York from pre-historic times, through the Roman occupation and onwards to the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans. We all agreed that there was so much to see and do, another visit was definitely needed.

On Monday, March 13th, Mr Steven Burgess from Lockington Village Improvement Group helped year 6 pupils to plant a range of hedgerow plants which were generously donated by the Woodland Tree Trust.

He kindly explained how to plant them and gave us valuable tips, we decided to plant them near the metal fence to help improve the appearance of the front of the school.  Please watch them grow into a beautiful hedge

In class 2, our autumn history topic of The Railway Revolution has concluded with an amazing homework project.  Just look at the range of engines made at home with some help from mums, dads and grandpas!  They all fit on our track, made to exact measurements in DT. Some trains moved and some were even independent travellers!


In November, we had a wonderful visit from Mr Marshman who shared his extensive knowledge on railways as he was a top railway engineer and has fascinating facts to tell.  He brought us right up to date, in fact into the future, by telling us all about the Crossrail project. This amazing feat of engineering in set to open in 2020 and will provide a fast route under London.  We went outside to mark out the size of the immense tool used to dig the tunnels.

Enter text...

Year 3, 4 and 5 enjoyed a visit to All Saints Church, North Ferriby

A Taste of History - Greek Day


We welcomed ‘A Taste of History’ into school on Friday 11th March. Everyone joined in cooking some fabulous Greek dishes including tzatziki (cucumber dip), souzoukakia (meat rissoles) and fakes soupa (lentil soup). The best part was when we all got to taste a whole range of traditional food which almost everyone tried… even the squid!

In the afternoon we created our own versions of the Parthenon in art and performed a dance of Theseus and the Minotaur to our parents. They even got to taste some of our Greek delights.

What a fantastic day!


The whole school has been learning about school values and we have decided to make our own Stained Glass Windows based on the School Christian Values.

One of our Year 6 students has reported on the progress Stained Glass Windows