Music Service


Schools Music Service Wider Opportunities Programme 

'Wider Opportunities' at Key Stage 2 is a national programme that has evolved from the government's pledge that "over time, all pupils in primary schools who wish to will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument."

All of the 'Wider Opportunities' programmes in the East Riding are delivered by teachers from the Schools' Music Service working with teachers and classes in primary schools.

The main aim is to create opportunities, over time, for every Key Stage 2 pupil to receive a sustained period of tuition on a musical instrument or to receive specialist vocal tuition. The learning experience will allow every child to have first hand experience of live music, group singing, ensemble playing, performance and composing. 

The programmes will normally consist of 30 weeks of delivery.  The length of lessons are usually 40 minute sessions for a whole class when there is additional music teaching  provided by the school (eg. singing/general class music).   This year our Key Stage 2 pupils are all learning to play the ukulele.