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Sporting News

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 Well done to Jasper on his Sporting Oath JR Sporting Oath and Grace on her example of sportsmanship Grace



On 31st January, pupils from Lockington represented the school in a Boccia tournament at Longcroft School. They were a credit to Lockington with their enthusiasm, sportsmanship and achievements. Well done Henry, Megan, Emma, Joshua and Alfie!

Boccia picturesmore Boccia pictures



Our First Steps sports coaches choose their stars of the week every Monday. 

This week's champions are pictured below! They received their awards for excellent effort and for practising bunny hops until they were perfect!

  First Step Merit Winners


Small School Games

The Small School Games were great fun for years 3 to 6. Would you like to find out what we did?



Our cricket team played amazingly this year. We have a quote from one of the hard working competitors, “I felt really excited when we won for the first time.” Our team just missed out on a bronze medal, well done.


Our brilliant golfers left the Small School Games better at golf than when they arrived. We have a quote from one of our golfers, “I think we played really well. It’s a shame we didn’t get a medal.” Although we didn’t get a medal we got a great score.


Y3/4 Football

Another great team, our Y3/4 footballers, played wonderfully. This is a quote from one of the footballers, “I am happy that I got an assist.” Well done to the Y3/4 footballers.


Y5/6 Football

Another great footballing team were the older children. We have a quote from one of our strikers, “We played very well and were 3rd in our group.” Well done for that achievement Y5/6 footballers.


Sports Hall Athletics

Our sports hall athletics team did a vast variety of sports and they did very well on each one. We have a quote from one of our brilliant athletes, “It was very energetic and excellent.”


All in all the Small School Games were absolutely amazing. I bet that any one of our KS2 students can tell you that. That is what happened at the Small School Games.

By roving reporters, Henry and Emma.


KS2 Enjoying an afternoon of Golfing Tuition Golf.pdf and KS1 enjoying Multi-Sports at Beverley Grammar School  KS1 Multi.pdf

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Swimming Gala Report

Congratulations to Lockington Swimming Team who entered a inter-schools Swimming Gala.  Well done.




All tired after a long day at the Humber Small School Games!

On Thursday 9th July lots of schools travelled to the Pods and Appleby Frodingham in Scunthorpe to the Small School Games sporting event. It included rugby, football, orienteering, golf and sports hall athletics. All the schools tried their very hardest in all of the events. Unfortunately because our school is so small we did not have enough children to enter the rugby or football. We chose to participate in the following;

  • Orienteering: Although our teams were in years 3 & 4, we actually did much better on the year 5 & 6 course; by then we were all experts! Joe, aged 9, said, “It was very energetic! The electronic dippers were easy to use but a bit itchy!”
  • Golf: The golf team came 3rd overall in the category so we are very proud of them. Henry, aged 10, said, “Golf was tricky and challenging. We did both driving and putting. On our best game we scored over 200 by being accurate. The worst bit was when we got swarmed by thunder bugs (we were wearing yellow t-shirts)”
  • Sports hall athletics: In this we practised balancing, jumping, running and throwing. One of the sportiest girls in school, Hollie aged 10, said, “ My favourite event was the javelin. I also liked the races. The whole day was sportastic!!!”

A special guest, world class freestyle footballer, John Patrick Acquaviva, showed us some amazing tricks with the football. He said, “When I was 16 I hurt my knee and my dream of becoming a famous footballer was over. Then I was inspired by some Youtube clips and as soon as my knee was better I started to practise and now look what I can do!”

Anne Fitzpatrick also spoke to us and told us why she thought the event was so good, “I think this is a great event because the pupils get to have a go at a lot of different activities.”

Overall it was a wonderful day and we loved being the reporters for Lockington School!

Chief reporter: Amber

Assistant: Joe